A big, fat interview with Nia Vardalos. Tears and all.

Prepare yourselves, peeps.

You’re about to experience a family reunion. But before you freak out and pretend you’ve got food poisoning, it’s not your family.

It’s the Big, Fat, Greek family. After 14 years of anticipation, they’re back. Every. Single. One.

The sequel (or “Greek-quel”, as the cast named it) My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding 2 hit our screens this week, and we couldn’t have been happier to see all our favourite faces from the first movie. Right down to the distant cousins.

They’re older, funnier, and this time, they might even make you cry.

Nia Vardalos was hit with a dose of instant fame in 2002, when the semi-autobiographical independent film she wrote and starred in became the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time, even nominated for a ‘Best Screenplay’ Oscar.

How do you even write a sequel to that? HOW’S THE PRESSURE?

But she handled it. Because she is the nicest, loveliest, prettiest unicorn on the planet. At least, that’s how I felt for the entire length of my short interview with her. As did the cameraman. And the sound tech. And the assistants. Because Nia really is that lovely.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 tells the story of another wedding in the family – but it’s not the one you might predict. As well as preparing for another wedding, Nia’s character Toula experiences that awful/amazing moment of parental epiphany; that they can’t hold their child in their pocket for the rest of their lives.

Even if they might want to. And apparently, Nia does.

Check out our quick chat with Nia, and all the gloriousness she can squeeze into a two-minute interview. And then get along to see your favourite ol’ Greek family take a step into the future.