NEWS: This Aussie baby weighed 6.76kg at birth this week.

Baby Oliver.

A mother in Rockhampton has given birth to a baby boy who fell just short of breaking the Australian birth weight record. The weight in question? 6.7 kilograms.

That’s almost 15 pounds, for those of us who struggle to convert metric to imperial amounts.

The Central Telegraph reports:

[The baby] is thought to be a Queensland record breaker after weighing in at 6.76kg (14.14lbs) when he was born at Rockhampton’s Mater hospital on Monday.

Proud parents Ben and Patricia couldn’t be more delighted with their healthy bundle of joy.

Speaking from her hospital bed yesterday, Patricia said she had been told to expect an 11-pound baby.

Although mum Patricia Stock says that it was an easy pregnancy, it would be understandable if she was worried about bundling up her new bundle of joy: he has already outgrown his first set of nappies, and most of the clothes his parents bought him.

The big baby, born by C-section, has been named Oliver. He is a younger brother to Luke – although we wonder if he might end up bigger than his older brother…

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