News: 7 year old gets liposuction for Christmas

Sarah Burge with her daughter Poppy

7 year old gets liposuction voucher for Christmas

Sarah Burge, the 51 year old “Human Barbie” who is rumoured to have spent as much as $800,000 on her own surgeries, gave her 7-year-old daughter Poppy a £7,000 voucher for liposuction in her Christmas stocking.

After giving her daughter a $10,000 voucher for breast augmentation for her birthday in June, Sarah explained that her daughter has “begged” her for such a gift and defended giving her young daughter a voucher now “so she can have it after she’s 16, when it’s legal.”

Kidnapped Aussie pleads for his life in video sent to his wife

Fairfax reports the proof of life video was sent to Warren Rodwell’s wife just before Christmas and lasts less than two minutes. In the video, a distressed-looking Mr Rodwell says his captors are demanding $US2 million ransom. “To my family please do whatever to raise the two million US dollars they are asking for my release as soon as possible,” he says.

Mr Rodwell was taken from his home on the southern island of Mindanao on December 5. Local army commander Major General Noel Coballes said the hunt for Mr Rodwell was continuing in the strife-torn southern Philippines. “There were several reports … but we are just trying to find out the exact location of the Australian,” he said.

Kidnapped Australian Warren Rodwell

Major General Coballes said it was possible Mr Rodwell was being held by the Abu Sayyaf, an Islamic extremist group founded in the 1990s with seed money from al-Qaeda. The group has been blamed for the worst terror attacks in Philippine history and has been known to kidnap foreigners and Christians for ransom.

Shark sightings on the increase as tourists warned of possible attacks

Tourists and locals at holiday hot spots have been warned that warmer water and tonnes of baitfish are luring sharks close to popular beaches, increasing the risk of attacks.

Experts said the next six weeks were “a real worry”, with aerial searches yesterday spotting as many as 10 sharks close to beaches, swimming aggressively into schools of baitfish, salmon and bonito that have massed in their millions along the east coast. The warning followed an attack at North Avoca in NSW on a surfer who was forced to punch the shark on the snout after what was believed to be a bronze whaler grabbed him on the right arm

Tourists are reminded to swim in the safest places and stay out of the water at dawn and dusk.

Myer slammed for grammar gaffe in Australia-wide adverts

The banner

Bargain hunters have rushed to social media sites to critique Myer for a grammatical error in seven-storey-high banners erected across Australia.

The department store recently unveiled a new campaign in stores across the state for Boxing Day with the slogan, “Early bird get’s the right size”. However, the apostrophe wasn’t necessary and the retailer has copped criticism, thanks to a mini-meltdown from punctuation enthusiasts across the country.

A Myer spokesman admitted the advertising error had been rolled out in-store, across all stores around Australia.

Men are expressing their romantic intentions through SMS, emails and Facebook instead of traditional gifts like roses to spare themselves a potentially embarrassing rejection. This reluctance to give fresh blooms to a potential lover is part of a broader shift away from buying flowers — a change which is taking its toll on the florist industry.

Research by business researcher IBISWorld predicts Australian flower growers will earn just $297.2 million this year, a 4.3 per cent drop from last year and following a decade of decreasing sales.

Dating expert Samantha Jayne, owner of the Blue Label Life matchmaking agency, believes the switch away from the florist shop to the social network is being driven by men too scared to buy a posy of blossoms in case women react badly.

When was the last time you received flowers? Do you prefer receiving flowers or a romantic text?

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