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There’s been a rise in the number of women having at-home abortions.

1. The prohibitive cost of accessing an abortion at doctor’s surgery and long waiting lists for clinics who perform the procedure, are forcing women to have ‘at home’ abortions. There are new reports today that Australian women are apparently buying the RU486 drug online and taking it alone in their own homes.

2. Australia’s most decorated living soldier, Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith has announced that he’s quitting the army. Roberts-Smith, who was the recipient of the Victoria Cross in 2011, says he wants to pursue a career in business.

3. There’s a scandal over horse meat sold as beef in Europe. It’s been reported that pre-packaged products in Sweden, Britain and France have been pulled from shelves after it emerged that some companies were using horse meat as a substitute for beef in dishes like lasagna.

4. A father in the US offered his daughter $200 to quit Facebook for six months – and she agreed. “She wants to earn money and also finds Facebook a distraction and a waste of time sometimes,” he father told a newspaper. She’ll be paid $50 in April and $150 in June.

Julie Bishop

5. In an interview with News Limited over the weekend, Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop said she didn’t believe women could “have it all”. The 56-year-old, who has a partner but no children said: “I’m in the Anne-Marie Slaughter school – women can’t have it all… They can have plenty of choices, but at the end of the day, they choose something which means they can’t have something else.”

6. A new law in which people could be charged with killing or hurting unborn babies will be considered in NSW parliament. The law’s being named Zoe’s Law in honour after the child of Brodie Donegan was stillborn after her mum was injured in a car accident at eight months pregnant. Because of the current laws, the driver was not charged with Zoe’s manslaughter.

7. French police are investigating several rape allegations in Marseille, however they’ve hit an extremely unusual and difficult to navigate DNA hiccup. They’ve traced the DNA evidence to twin brothers but now have no way of knowing which was responsible for the sexual violence.

8. Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has revealed that he lodged a freedom of information request into his own communications with the Federal police over the swearing-filled video that was leaked last year. An unusual development indeed…

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