"I've seen it work beautifully": The newborn sleeping hack that one baby expert swears by.

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What does one do with a crying newborn?

Some mums are all about the instant pickup and feed – be it bottle or breast.

Others are in the long and painful conditioning process of controlled crying, in which case you do nothing.

But of all the ‘hacks’, all the tricks you’ve heard in mothers groups and parenting classes, this is one which Mothercraft for Babies Founder and Director Beth Barclay swears by.

White noise.

Listen to Beth Barclay discuss why and how white noise can help a newborn fall asleep, on Year One, our podcast for new parents. (Post continues after audio…) 

“It works”, says Barclay on Mamamia‘s podcast for new parents, Year One. “Babies innately respond to shushing and we all instinctively shush babies.”

So. What actually is white noise?

Essentially, white noise is background noise with a stable frequency. Think of the sound of cool air coming from an air conditioning vent while you sleep.

Sometimes, however, white noise can be difficult to manufacture at home. That’s why Barclay suggests a white noise app, which you can also travel with.

“Put it on a timer so it turns off after half an hour or so,” she says. “I’ve seen it work beautifully… it can be a great sleep cue.”

You can listen to the full episode of Year One below. 

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