For the woman who wants a torch for the first year of motherhood. We've got you.

To the new mums, young and old: you bloody did it.

Maybe you haven’t done ‘it’ yet; ‘it’ of course being squeezing a miniature human from your womb, through a particularly narrow (not anymore) canal, and into the big bright world. Maybe that’s days or weeks away.

Perhaps you had, or are having, a caesarean. Or twins. Perhaps you plan to brave the birthing process without drugs… or maybe you’re stockpiling them in preparation.

There is no ‘right’ way to do birth. What all births do have in common, however, is that it ends up being a day most parents will remember forever.

Usually, it’s glorious.

Then the excitement wears off. The drugs wear off. The hullabaloo of being pregnant is over far faster than it began, and now there’s… a baby. A small being you love and adore.

What does one do with a baby?

We want to help the women feeling daunted at the thought their lives may never be the same; the thought their boobs may never be the same; that their careers, Sunday mornings, and sex lives will never be the same.

We want to help the women wondering ‘how the hell do I do this ‘motherhood’ thing?’


Holly Wainwright and Christie Hayes have four children under the age of seven between them. They’ve made it through the early days of parenthood relatively unscathed time and time again. So they’ve joined forces. Holly and Christie have come together to help new mums, month-by-month, through the first year of their child’s life.

Year One is their brainchild; a podcast to hold the hand of new mums navigating the first twelve months with their brand new bub.

Listen to the first episode, discussing everything to do with ‘first-month fog’, below. POST CONTINUES AFTER… 

From the moment a midwife gifts you your newborn, to the moment you blow out the candles on their first birthday cake. We have you covered.

It’s honest, practical and hilarious advice about everything from breastfeeding to milestones, in a judgement free environment.

We like to think of it as Mother’s Group, on demand.

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