Excellent news for anyone bemoaning the downfall of good grammar.

There is a new web application that is “literally” blowing my mind. Figuratively speaking that is.

An American programmer and all-round tech genius has created a Google Chrome extension to replace the word “literally” with the word “figuratively” when it appears in a text.

With the way grammar is going, this seems like a cause for celebration…

The program, developed by Mike Walker, is basically an extension you can load onto your Google Chrome browser that will pick up the word “literally” and swap it for the word “figuratively”. So the new headline becomes something like this: “The 2014 MTV Movie Awards were Figuratively on Fire”

The only issue with this? The program doesn’t register tweets and can’t recognise when the word literally is being used in the literal sense… literally speaking.

Regardless, this program is awesome (in both the literal and the figurative sense) for those of us who are sticklers for grammar. And also for those of us who occasionally forget the rules.

Before you download it you should check out this video – I “literally died” with laughter when I saw it. Well, you know what I mean.

You can install the new Google Chrome extension here.