This story is almost too horrible to comprehend

As parents, we do everything we can to keep our children safe and protect them from all harm. Then sometimes, a random act of senseless violence takes them from us anyway.

Take a moment to remember Antonio West.

Antonio West was just 13 months old when he was shot by muggers in a seemingly safe suburb in Georgia. Last Thursday he was in his stroller with his mother. They were returning from a visit to the local post office.

Two teens aged just 17 and 14 approached the mother, demanded money, threatened her with a gun and when she said she didn’t have any money to give them they shot her and then her son. She escaped with a grazed ear. Antonio wasn’t so lucky.

The age of the offenders is shocking as well. The 17-year-old is being tried as an adult and the 14-year-old just seems too young to be capable of such violence. As a parent you can't help but wonder what went wrong in his life that he is capable of being involved in something like this at such a young age.

Senseless violence is difficult to comprehend. Sometimes it’s difficult to read. May Antonio rest in peace.


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