From marriages to reboots: What the cast of New Girl have been doing since the show ended.

American sitcom New Girl ended last year, but if you’ve been missing the iconic characters, or are yet to meet them, we’ve got some important news: all seven seasons of the comedy just dropped on SBS On Demand.

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And we are VERY excited. Image: Giphy

The show, whose working title was Chicks and Dicks (we prefer New Girl), ran from 2011 to 2018, and was beloved the world over. Its premise was a group of 20-somethings sharing their lives; Jess, Schmidt, Nick and Winston, who lived together, and Jess’s bestie Cece, who was never far away.

The characters were deeply flawed, very relatable, and – most importantly – utterly hilarious.

In honour of what we presume will be an upcoming New Girl binge-fest for many of us, we thought we’d fill you in on what the real people behind the familiar faces have been up to since the show ended.

Zooey Deschanel - Jess


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Zooey played ‘adorkable’ primary teacher, Jess, who expressed herself through fashion and a unique, often comedic, and melodramatic approach to life’s dramas.

A look at Zooey’s Instagram shows that much like Jess, she’s still quirky when it comes to clothes and expressive photo captions. The 39-year-old had a very specific style on the show, and it seems to have become a part of her personality.

The actor is also an excellent singer. You may recall her in 2003’s Elf, belting out a tune in the shower. She also wrote and sang New Girl’s theme song, and has sung in some of her other films such as 2011’s Winnie the Pooh.

It seems that since 2018, Deschanel has concentrated on performing for a much younger and smaller crowd – her children with film producer and second husband, Jacob Pechenik; Elsie Otter, four, and Charlie Wolf, two.

The couple, who married in June 2015, announced their separation just last month.

Zooey is now dating home renovation show Property Brothers' star Jonathan Scott.


Jonathan and Zooey met while filming James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke.

Hannah Simone - Cece

Hannah, 39, represented an oft-needed voice of reason in New Girl, as Cece. (But really, she’ll always be remembered for her perfect skin and enviable hair.)

In February 2018, Hannah landed the lead in ABC's reboot of The Greatest American Hero, (which would have been amazing) - but the show didn’t go ahead.

Earlier this year, Hannah collaborated with fashion brand TJ Maxx on a line of clothes for the American market.

The actor, who has a British mother and an Indian father, is now working on a semi-autobiographic sitcom, in which her background will be featured.

Hannah married artist Jesse Giddings in 2016, and has one son born in 2017, whose name has been kept private.


Jake Johnson - Nick


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Sweet and charming Nick always looked after his girl, Jess, on the show; and it seems the character was not too far away from the actor’s true personality.

With a reputation for being a ‘good guy’, Jake, 41, has landed a role this year that is similar to Nick; bar-owning Grey McConnell in the American drama series, Stumptown.

Last year, he provided the voice of Peter B. Parker/Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

The actor has been happily married to artist Erin Payne since 2006, and has two kids; twins born in 2014.

Max Greenfield – Schmidt

Schmidt, with his tender/mildly obnoxious form constantly on display, and womanising ways, was many people’s favourite character.

But it seems that Max, 40, himself is a different breed.


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He’s been married to casting director Tess Sanchez since 2008. The couple share two children, daughter Lilly, 10, and son Ozzie, three.

Since 2018, the Hello, My Name is Doris actor has portrayed Dave Johnson in the CBS comedy series The Neighborhood made a cameo in the Will and Grace reboot, and reprised his role as Leo in the reboot of Veronica Mars.

Lamorne Morris – Winston


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At 36, Lamorne is the baby of the group. Since New Girl, the comedian and actor seems to be continuing to work with Black Entertainment Television (BET).

In November 2018, American channel Hulu announced a new program, Woke, based on cartoonist Keith Knight's autobiographical comic strip The K Chronicles. Lamorne was cast as Knight, and the series is nearing completion.

Lamorne also has two nieces whom he dotes on, regularly sharing photos of them on Instagram.


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As for whether the gang keeps in touch? The answer is yes.

“We keep in touch through text, through weird GIFs we send each other. Mainly perverted GIFs,” Lamorne told Us recently.

“That’s how Jake Johnson rolls man he is an a*hole.

“But yeah, we keep in touch with each other quite regularly. It’s like a family. You know, you spend seven years with each other.

“There’s no way you’re gonna not keep in touch after that.”