Netflix has finally released plot details for its first Australian series and fans are hooked.

Netflix have announced that Australia’s first original series will be a supernatural crime drama called Tidelands.

The series follows the story of a former criminal who returns home to the sleepy fishing town of Orphelin Bay.

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When a body of a local washes ashore, a chain of events is sparked that forces her to realise the quiet villagers of her hometown aren’t villagers at all. They’re monsters.

A reminder as to what Queensland's natural mangroves look like. (Source: iStock.)

Calling themselves "Tidelanders", the creatures are described as being half-human and half-Siren.


The series is set to begin production among the murky waters of Queensland in 2018.

Co-creator and co-executive producer of the show, Tracey Robertson, said the northern state perfectly suited the series' mood.

"The primeval landscapes of Queensland are a perfect setting to tell the story of betrayal, small town secrets, ancient mythology," she said, in the press release.

I can already picture them emerging from the mist (Source: iStock.)

Robertson also hinted that family would play a pivotal role in the series' dramatic offerings.

"When it comes to family, [Tidelands will] explore whether blood really is thicker than water," she said.


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Netflix has previously been criticised by Australian fans for not producing any original content. The streaming giant has responded to this by incorporating the feedback into the series' announcement.

The video below captures what fans have previously said in the social media teaser released by the streaming service on Tuesday morning.

Fans responded to the news with enthusiasm and requests to work on the series.

"Netflix actually funding an Australian production," one fan wrote, tagging multiple friends on Netflix's Facebook page.

"Will work for food," another fan said.

The social media account of Netflix told fans they should start banking their annual leave in preparation.

"Production kicks off next year so you've got just enough time to work up some leave for the binge," it wrote.

Tidelands may be the first original series but the streaming service has previously been a co-producer in such Australian series as Glitch, Beat Bugs and White Rabbit Project.
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