Thursday's news in the time it takes to drink your coffee.

Nelson Mandela



1. The family of Nelson Mandela are praying for a “peaceful and perfect end.” They are gathered at the hospital where the former South African President is on life support. Current South African President Jacob Zuma has reportedly cancelled a trip to Mozambique in the wake of the news.

2. Kevin Rudd has defeated Julia Gillard in a ballot for leadership of the Labor Party, 57 votes to 45. At 9.30am this morning Rudd will be sworn in by the Governor General Quentin Bryce,  along with his new Deputy Anthony Albanese.  You can read Mamamia’s rolling coverage of last night’s political events here.

3. In the State of Origin last night, Queensland defeated New South Wales 26-6.

4. Gay rights activists are celebrating after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Defence of Marriage Act to allow same-sex couples to receive federal marriage benefits. In his judgment, Justice Anthony Kennedy described the legislation as a violation of the Fifth Amendment, which restricts the Government from abusing their authority in relation to legal procedures.

5. A man in the Ohio city of Colombus is reportedly recovering in hospital after trying to ripping off part of his penis while high on magic mushrooms. The man was apparently still hallucinating when he was found by police naked and covered in blood. Police said that the 41-year-old was close to death and had no history of mental health problems.


6. A 2-year-old boy in the UK has reportedly become the youngest ever member of British Mensa. Adam Kirby has an IQ of 141, could read at the age of 10 months and can count to 20 in four languages.

7. A woman in China who played games on her phone while lying on her chest for four hours, has reportedly caused her own breast implants to explode. The woman was rushed to hospital. Doctors said the woman’s low quality implants and lying on top of them for an extended period contributed to the rupture.

8. Former Catholic priest and convicted pedophile, 65-year-old Bernard McGrath, has appealed against his extradition to Australia, where he is set to face hundreds of sex-abuse charges. McGrath is currently residing in New Zealand.

9. A couple in America are letting the regular customers at their local Starbucks chain decide their soon-to-be baby’s name. Jennifer James, 25, and Mark Dixon, 24, are expecting a boy in September, and are asking for suggestions to be left in a coffee cup at Starbucks in New Haven.

10. Yesterday US President Barack Obama revealed a plan for America to reduce carbon emissions, and start preparing more rigorously for the effects of climate change. The President said that the impact of climate change had been proven by  “overwhelming judgment of science”.