FLUFF: How I Met Your Mother stars have best sing-off ever

Are you ready for this? Are you emotionally prepared for a magical sing-off between two of your favourite TV stars?

Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel were on set at The Actor’s Studio with their How I Met Your Mother cast mates when an audience member challenged the two Broadway-ready singers to a spectacular sing-off. The musical they had to tackle? Les Mis, of course.

Behold, the most intense spontaneous singing challenge ever.

If you’re wondering why they know the song “Confrontation” so well, and can perform it so flawlessly… Neil and Jason sing it on set to get into the zone sometimes. Back in 2006, they revealed on talk show The Megan Mullally Show that they use it as a warm-up backstage.

Are you really that surprised, though, that Neil and Jason are the most hilarious co-stars of all time?

Neil Patrick Harris hosts the Tony awards like nobody’s business, posts the cutest-ever fancy dress photos of his kids, and regularly bursts into song. Jason Segel smashed out the best Dracula-themed Broadway material in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and totally jammed like a pro in I Love You, Man.

The evidence that these two are the best of musically gifted buddies is all there, if you look for it.

Meanwhile, How I Met Your Mother is just about to finish up its final season. We’re just episodes away from the final reveal, how Ted met the love of his life and mother of his children. We’ll also find out whether the ‘Mother’ in the title has been alive or dead this whole time…

Stay tuned.

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