Quick question: What's for dinner at your place this week?


As the year draws rapidly to an end I’m seeking easy dinner solutions for my family. Lots of salads, simple grills and pastas.

Between school concerts, Christmas shopping and every member of my husband’s family having a birthday in November (I’m blaming Valentine’s Day) there’s barely time to grocery shop, let alone cook.

Here’s what I plan to serve up this week to keep hunger at bay and my sanity intact.

Monday: Curry prawn chopped salad

This vibrant chopped salad is a little bit spicy, and creamy, and sweet… and can we talk about that avocado dressing? Because yeah, that is definitely happening for dinner. (OK, so I’ll probably serve the salad unassembled for the kids with cherry tomatoes and cucumber for them to munch instead of  the lettuce.)

Get the recipe here.

Tuesday: Spaghetti with cherry tomato sauce

This fresh and fast crowd-pleaser could hardly be simpler to make—you don’t even have to split the little tomatoes. Serve with extra Parmesan on the side to sprinkle on top.

Wednesday: Italian-style grilled chicken

This is a healthy and extremely flavourful way to dress up boneless skinless chicken breasts. Adding just a small amount of butter on top, and using grated parmesan for a garnish, keeps the fat and calories down.

Thursday: Lasagne roll-ups

This recipe results in a unique and delicious lasagne dish. The individual rolls are a great variation on the traditional lasagne.

Get the recipe here. 

 Friday: Baked potato with baked beans

Now this is the one the kids will ask for time and time again. It makes a perfect lunch, dinner or after school snack. And on a Friday night I’m in no mood to fuss.

Get the recipe here.

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What’s for dinner at your house this week?

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