This is the best excuse ever to drink wine. All of the wine.

For anyone who loves wine. So everyone.

Something absolutely disgraceful was brought to our attention today.

Yesterday was National Drink Wine Day. And we missed it.

Well, technically… we didn’t actually miss it because:

a) It’s an American holiday.

b) In some parts of USA, it’s still Wednesday February 18th.

c) We drank wine.

But still, we weren’t drinking with the PURPOSE and REVERENCE that such an occasion deserves. And now we’ve realised: Australia doesn’t even HAVE a National Drink Wine Day.

How is this possible?

For a nation with such great wine regions, think: Barossa Valley, Margaret River, Hunter Valley, Yarra Valley and more than 60 others…

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For a nation who ranks as the number one consumer of wine amongst English-speaking countries, with over 21 Litres per person annually

For a nation that INVENTED CASK WINE, how is this possible?

This travesty must end. We vote here and now that today is National Drink Wine Day in Australia. And by ‘today’ we also mean ‘tomorrow’. And ‘this weekend’. And ‘any day ending with Y’.

Quick. Someone pass us the Shiraz. We got some wine celebratin’ to do.