What this mum puts in her kids’ lunch boxes is extraordinary.

These are not to be used for wiping away the tomato sauce on your chin.


Since 2006, this mum has been doing something amazing every single day for her 2 sons’ lunch boxes (the sons are 11 and 7).

Nina Levy has been drawing on the serviettes she places inside them. And we aren’t talking stick figures. We are talking works of art – some could even go in a museum.

Nina says they “are drawn mostly with ‘art markers’ and a few paint markers.”

And with each one she creates, she posts them on her blog. So far there are 900 of them! She has even won an award (Tuaca Napkin Competition)!

CLICK THROUGH the gallery to see the amazing serviettes. And if you would like to see more, go to her blog here.


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