The latest trend in tourism? Involves the wind in your hair and the sun on your bum cheeks.

Forget selfies at serious places – the latest trend in travel is Naked Tourism.

Because who wouldn’t want to rub their bits up against historical monuments?

It’s difficult to pin down exactly when the trend took off, but these two Aussies making a mad naked dash through Machu Picchu definitely put naked tourism on the collective radar:

Apparently streaking at Machu Picchu has become a bit of an epidemic, and the government is stepping up security to try and stem the tide of dangly-bit selfies.

But, it would seem the damage had been done, as once that video went viral and piqued the Internet’s interest, websites and FB groups devoted to getting one’s gear off at famous locations began popping up all over the place. Here’s a collection of pics from My Naked Trip and Naked at Monuments (NSFW obviously):

So… Meet you at the Statue of Liberty, minus pants?

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