The genius tool for people who can't paint their nails.


Try as I might, I will never be someone who can paint their nails in a salon-perfect manner. I’m like a five-year-old who’s discovered her mother’s nail polish collection for the first time, every single time I go to paint my nails.

I wildly smash on one thick coat instead of patiently waiting for two coats to dry, and I find it impossible – no matter how good the brush – to not get nail polish all over my cuticles and fingers.

Exhibit A:

How my nails look immediately after I paint them.

But I have discovered a nail polish game-changer in Mecca Cosmetica’s Polished Up Mani-Pedi Perfector.

It’s a double-ended (um, that felt weird writing that) touch-up pen with a thin side for removing small smudges around your nail bed, and a thicker tip at the other end for removing bigger mistakes.

Touching up with the Mani-Pedi Perfector.

It’s like those magic textas that change colour that you had as a kid, except the colour you're changing is restoring your skin back to its original colour instead of Chanel’s Rouge Noir.

Voila! Almost like a bought one...

It’s changed the way I paint my nails. Well, that’s not strictly true; it hasn’t exactly changed the way I paint them but it has changed the way they look afterwards.

Mecca Cosmetica Polished Up Mani-Pedi Perfector, buy here.