Mum vs Life: Lindy Klim "I know that muffins are really just a small cake"

Welcome to the summer series of Mum vs Life. Each week we’ll bring you our favourite celebrity mum who will take us through their day. This week we feature Lindy Klim, mother-of-three, model, business woman and wife of former Olympic swimmer Michael Klim.

WAKE UP: “I am definitely not a morning person…”

I wake up every morning at 6 am  and I would say that I am definitely not a morning person and the only reason I wake up then is because I have 3 early risers (children) I have to deal with…. I like to wear my husbands boxes and a t-shirt to bed but if I am away for work I will wear a cami or something a little nicer! I went through a stage of wearing silk pj but got sick of hand washing!!!

BREAKFAST: “I know that muffins are really just a small cake…”

I always have a coffee and muffin for breakfast usually from my favourite café! I know that muffins are really just a small cake but I can’t help it! On the weekends we will usually have breakfast out and I would have either eggs or porridge.

BATH vs SHOWER: “I usually shower with at least one of my kids…”

I am definately a shower person and usually shower with at least one of my kids! This way I have an eye on them…. I am super quick but will have two showers a day.

GETTING DRESSED: “I don’t think too much about what I am going to wear…”

I have what I call my uniform and that doesn’t change much. It’s skinny jeans black or white t-shirt and a blazer, I will dress this up or down with shoes – usually flats and Converse during the day and heels at night. I don’t actually really think too much about what I am going to wear as I don’t have time!

WORK: “I have learned not to micromanage so much…”

I am lucky enough to run my own company so I can be quite flexible, within reason. I have a great team that works for me so I feel very blessed! Skincare was something that I just fell into and by having children gave me the idea to start Milk Baby.

I do find that I like all working mothers I struggle with juggling kids, work and husband but I feel like I have a good balance at the moment and have learned not to micromanage so much.

FOOD AT WORK: “I don’t drink tea…”

I only have one coffee a day and don’t drink tea! I only drink water during the day and I will buy lunch. It will usually be sushi.


CHILDREN AND WORK: “My eldest wants to take over the family business…”

That’s a funny one as my eldest just told me she wants to take over the family business so she can get people to work for her! We had a home office for many years so it was great for the children to see what goes on.

EVENINGS: “Mike and I love time together…”

I love to cook, so I usually cook something for Mike and I – we like to eat together once the kids go to bed. The kitchen is the centre of everything so the kids will sit at the bench and chat or do homework while I am cooking. Two of my kids are fantastic eaters but my son is shocking!

Mike and I love time together and with friends and make sure we don’t miss out on this.

BEDTIME: “I find it really hard to unwind…”

I find it really hard to unwind and it takes me forever to get to sleep. I usually watch a movie or read then lay in bed thinking and thinking and thinking – it drives me nuts! I now have acupuncture twice a week to try to combat this.

Lindy Klim runs the Milk Baby website, selling all natural and gentle products for children including shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser and tooth paste. Find out more at

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