The 4 things you should know before buying a new foundation.

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A quick browse through the cosmetics aisles and department store beauty counters will show that foundation can cost anywhere between $15 and $90.

So how do you know if it’s worth it? Are they all really just the same thing and are you just paying for the name? Read on to find out the things worth considering before buying a new foundation.

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Let’s be honest, there is no point spending the next month existing on two minute noodles just so you can slather your moosh in expensive foundation. If your beauty budget only extends to $30, then work with $30. There are some excellent foundations out there that fit that price. Here are my picks.

Skin Type

The condition of your skin is also going to determine whether you need to shell out the dollars.

If your skin is generally in good shape, you can probably save the dimes and go for a lower end foundation. However if you have serious skin concerns such as sensitivity, redness, acne or hyper pigmentation consider going to one of the bigger department store makeup counters to ask for assistance in choosing the right product for your skin.

You should be able to take a sample of the foundation home with you to ensure you’ve been matched to the right coverage and colour. Typically, the ingredients used in more expensive foundations tend to have more pigment and highly quality additives. If you do have a reaction to the product you can always take the foundation back for a full refund (you often can’t do this with supermarket brands).

Surface Area

If you have some cash to spend on some new makeup but are unsure exactly where to spurge and where to save I  think of it like this; spend the most money on products that have most contact with your skin. I.e. invest in good ingredients if they’re going to be absorbed by your skin. That means things like face creams and foundations.  Given that I wear makeup almost every day, I like to spend a bit more on these kinds of products.

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Save money on things like mascara (it's only touching your eyelashes, not your whole face) and eyebrow pencils. It's also a good idea to buy cheaper versions of 'on trend' makeup such as bright colours and shimmery eyeshadows and save the bigger spends for products you'll always use like bronzer and concealer.


If you rarely wear makeup and like to save it for special occasions only, why not splurge on a high end product? You'll use it infrequently so it won't be wasted and you'll feel super glam getting ready.

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If  like me, you wear makeup everyday consider having a cheaper 'every day' foundation (mine is L'oreal True Match Lumi) and save the special stuff (Amarni Luminous Silk thanks very much) for night time or special events. It's much easier on the wallet than using expensive foundation every day.

Do you use an expensive foundation or have you found a failproof supermarket hero?