Five movies you wish had different endings.


Have you ever been watching a movie that you know the ending of, but every time you get to the last five minutes you still hope it will go down differently? Like looking in the fridge when you know there’s no food in it, something in your brain just hangs on to hope that there may a different outcome this time. Or this time. Or this time.

We’ve all done it. And after a quick MM office poll, here are five of the endings that people wish they could change the most:

1. Titanic

Obviously everyone wants to change this part:

How should it end?

First things first, Rose moves the hell over and Jack gets up on that table thingy and they both live. Observe:

Then they get to New York, grow to be 101 together, and Jack divorces Rose’s arse when he finds out she’s had the diamond the whole time and didn’t use it to help their struggling grandkids go to college.

2. Castaway

It’s sad when the love of his life decides to be with the dentist, but this part is probably worse:

How should it end?

Tom Hanks makes it back home, Helen Hunt decides the dentist is lame and they run away together. One night, Wilson turns up their house to tell Tom that he’s suvived and that he loves him. Tom breaks down in joyful tears, packs a bag and leaves for a life Wilson.

3. Gone with the Wind

It may be one of the harshest break-up lines ever:

How it should end:

Rhett tells Scarlett that he loves her and of course he wants them to be together. Scarlett tells him to get lost. They both grow old alone for being mutually awful.

4. 500 Days of Summer

The ending is kind of the beginning in this movie because you find out they don’t end up together in the first 30 seconds:

How it should end:

Summer decides to stay with Tom. All the past lovers she strung along hunt them down and they spend years running from homicidal love-spurned maniacs.

5. Romeo and Juliet

Baz Luhrman managed to make this even more frustrating by having Juliet wake up just in time to see Romeo cark it:

How it should end:

Romeo reads gets the message from the priest and is in on the whole plan. Juliet fakes her death, they run away and spend a glorious week together until they break up over something dumb because they’re SIXTEEN.

 What movie ending do you wish had been different?