Do you know a mother who needs a break? Is it you?

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Every mother is a bloody hero if you ask me but there are some mothers who really do it tough and deserve a break. If you have a mother you know who needs some extreme TLC because she never does anything for herself? Scroll down to the competition at the bottom of this post.

In the lead up to Mother’s Day, I thought I’d do a post where we can celebrate the mothers we are and the mothers we have.

So in the spirit of our weekly Best & Worst posts, I want to know: what are your best and worst mother moments (in your experience as a mother or your experience as a child…).

Here are mine

BEST: Giving birth would be up there. Times three. Or possibly having my son cook a kick arse meal for me last year on Mother’s Day.

WORST: Probably forgetting to pick up my son from after-school care. More than * cough * once.

I’m also going to share my own mother’s worst. In the spirit of keeping it real, I’m sure she won’t mind.

When I was a kid we had firecracker night (before they became illegal and were banned for boring reasons like the fact too many people were blowing off their limbs) and do you remember Catherine Wheels. Funny now when you think about how risk-averse we are and how everything has to be SAFETY FIRST. Well, Catherine wheels where circular fireworks that were hammered into the wall, lit and then spun around spewing fireworks in all directions. Huge fun UNTIL THE CATHERINE WHEEL COMES LOOSE FROM THE WALL.

At this point, it flies around the garden chasing the assembled crowd and to this day, we tease my mother and a friend of hers about how they actually PUSHED OVER THEIR OWN CHILDREN in their haste to flee from the rogue Catherine Wheel. I’m not sure if that is actually the case but gee whizz it’s entertaining to torture them about this appalling lapse in motherly nurturing in the face of danger.

For balance, I should also share some of her best which include staying very calm when I pierce my belly button, bleached my hair white and had a MUCH older boyfriend when I was a teenager (in my defence, these three things were well spaced). The fireworks are forgiven, Mum!

Whether you are a mother, have a mother or know a mother I bet you have a best and/or worst mothering moment to share.  One that makes you blush with pride or cringe with embarrassment.  One that makes you laugh out loud or weep at the memory.

Here is your chance to share it.  Remember it does not have to be about you – it can be about your mum, your aunt, your BFF or just someone you saw at the shops displaying a moment of mothering that just had to be recorded.


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