Can you match each state to its favourite beauty product?

Image: supplied.

We all know Australian states have their own flag and flower – but apparently, they each have a trademark beauty product too.

Online beauty retailer Adore Beauty has conducted research into the best-selling makeup and beauty products in each state and territory. And the results? Well, they support just about every regional stereotype you’ve ever heard about your comrades around the country.

Before we give away the answers, why not have a go at matching them up yourself? Here are the products:

Deep-cleansing exfoliator; chip-free nail polish; SPF50 face cream; a moisturiser that fights sun damage and ageing; a vitamin-rich serum; a face scrub; mascara; and primer.

So which of these products is a must-have for Queenslanders? Which one do Tasmanians stock up on? How about our friends in the ACT or Western Australia?

Once you’re done guessing, here are your answers: