13 'healthy' foods that have more sugar than a Krispy Kreme.

I feel like society has made sugar the outlaw of the food world. People aren’t only reducing their intake, they are trying to eliminate it altogether.

And as someone who wouldn’t want to live in a world where she couldn’t eat at least four squares of Caramello before bed every night, this confounds me.

Okay, I know I should at least try eat within the recommended guidelines (according to The Dietician’s Association of Australia the recommended intake of sugar for an adult is no more than 90 grams of sugar per day).

The Dieticians Association of Australia
Image via: The Dieticians Association of Australia

But that little table is why I'm so upset. I cannot tell you how frustrated I am to discover that instead of forcing a boring strawberry yogurt down my throat each morning for breakfast, I could have been enjoying two - yes, TWO - delicious Krispy Kreme glazed donuts.

Because it turns out the sugar content is EXACTLY the same.

That's the problem with sugar. It has a sneaky way of showing up where it isn't obvious. Sure, you know there's sugar in donuts and you're prepared to find it in chocolates, but it seems grossly unfair to discover so much of it in foods you would never have guessed were hiding masses of the stuff.

Like these (Krispy Kreme equivalent on the right):

Yes, yes, I know this doesn't take into account all the good things in fruit (fibre, vitamins etc etc) and the other bad things in donuts (like fat, of which there is quite a bit). And it doesn't look at 'good' and 'bad' sugars, nor all the other important elements of a healthy diet.

It does, however, show that it pays to look at the food you are eating when you think you're going for a healthier option.

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