Ryan gave his girlfriend a very special birthday card. But he made one critical mistake.

After sending his girlfriend’s birthday cards late for the past two years, Ryan Smith thought 2018 was his time to shine.

But… Oops.

You see, his girlfriend Laura McKay had complained about receiving her last two birthday cards late, so he wanted to make sure this year’s card was perfect.

Smith spent lots of time creating the card on personalised greeting card site Moonpig.

But uh, he may have spent too much time adding personalised photos of the couple and not enough time checking the other details because yes, the card looked great, but he’d made a gigantic mistake.

The poor guy forgot to change the name from Georgia, the default included on the template.

So yes. He gave his girlfriend a birthday card with the wrong name on it.

McKay opened the card in disbelief and asked “Are you kidding?”

But no, no he was not.

She shared the hilarious blunder on Twitter and her tweet has gone viral with 37,000 likes.

Speaking to UniladMcKay said Smith always tried his best but “sometimes his lack of common sense gets in the way.”

“This is the most ‘him thing’ possible. He was so excited to give me the card and it was just so funny because he tried so hard. I couldn’t even be angry at him.

“I shouted my mum in and told her about it and she couldn’t stop laughing.


“It’s up on my window ledge because I love the pictures on it.”

Smith’s mum had even warned him to double check the card before giving it to McKay but he was adamant it was perfect. Ah, just another reason you should always listen to your mum.


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