It's Molly Mae's job to share her life online. Last month she was robbed of $1.4 million worth of belongings.

Last month, former Love Island UK couple, Molly Mae Hague and Tommy Fury had $1.4 million worth of belongings stolen from their apartment in Manchester. 

And earlier this week, the 22-year-old addressed the burglary on her YouTube channel, calling it, "without a doubt the worst thing that's happened to [her]."

Sitting on the floor of her and her boyfriend's new place, Molly Mae explained that everything had been taken from their home when the pair returned from an event in London.

Watch: Molly Mae shared what happened on her YouTube Channel. Post continues below.

Video via YouTube

Molly Mae is arguably one of the most famous Love Island contestants of all time. 

She and her professional boxer boyfriend, Tommy Fury met on the show in 2019 and left together as finalists. 

Since then, the star was offered a role as Creative Director at online fashion retailer, Pretty Little Thing, and continued to share her life with fans via. YouTube, and other social media platforms. 

It's why some followers weren't surprised by the news.

"Constantly flaunt it and flaunt where they live 24/7 then are surprised people worked out where the apartment is… face palm," one user wrote in her comments. 

"You got robbed because you tell everyone on your open social media where you are all the time, what you bought and have shown where you live," another said.


Speaking to her followers this week, Molly Mae explained what happened in 14 minute Q&A.

"I'm going to talk to you a bit about it because I feel like I owe it to you, I'm so open with my life and I share pretty much every aspect of it in great detail, so I feel it's only right that I explain what's been going on," she said on Monday.

"I've kind of dealt with my emotions now, and I'm doing really well, so, this morning I was thinking ''do I wanna bring it back up?' But basically, Tommy and I were actually robbed. 

"It was without a doubt the worst thing that's ever happened to me - to us I'd probably say - and it was just awful, horrendous, terrible. So we've been dealing with a lot.

"Our apartment was robbed, ransacked, emptied, you name it. What they said in the articles was true, they took everything. We were left with not a lot of stuff at all."

Image: Youtube.

She went on to explain that she was surprised to feel guilty for the robbery, after seeing the response of the public. 

"I've been dealing with emotions I didn't think I'd be dealing with during a time like this, one of them being guilt. 


"I never thought if I was ever to be robbed I'd be feeling guilty, but I think seeing a lot of people's opinions on why we got robbed I started to think: 'Was this my fault? Did I share too much? Did I do the wrong thing?'" she said.

As a result, the influencer will be reducing how much she shares on her social media. 

She explained that from now on, she would need to change how much she shares on social media and YouTube. 

"Things are going to have to change now," she said.

"At the end of the day, with a job like mine, my job is to literally share my life, that's how I make a living.

"I've always been so open with showing you guys my life, where I live, the things I buy... I just can't, for mine and Tommy's safety, risk that anymore."

Now, she and Fury are reportedly looking at purchasing a $46,000 attack dog to protect their new home.

"Most of the footballers in the area have them [dogs] and the burglars just stay away because these animals are ferocious," a source told The Sun.

"As soon as the burglary was discovered, Molly said she’d never live in the flat again and that she wanted the security of living in a house, but the prices for rent are crazy and they are looking to buy somewhere asap. 

"Tommy also says he wants a guard dog because they are a real deterrent."

Feature Image: YouTube / Instagram @mollymae

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