You already have the latest Ridiculous Fashion Trend in your wardrobe.

New York Fashion Week 2014 has kicked off with a show featuring models wearing Spanx, because if anyone needs to don shapewear it’s a runway model.

Aussie model and new face of H&M Miranda Kerr sat front row with Spanx inventor Sara Blakely for the lingerie fashion show from global retailer GS Shop.

Models featured lingerie from Spanx, Wonderbra, Playtex and Anna Sui thus answering the eternal question, how do you make shapewear look sexy? Add a blazer, pork pie hat, bow-tie and black heels. Take note ladeez.

Anyone who’s ever worn or attempted to wear shapewear knows how hard it is to get on, so what we’d really like to know is how the dressers backstage whipped it on and off at record speeds.