The bust up between two MKR judges you didn't know about.

The heat is on.

There’s been a long-standing feud going on between two of the famous culinary judges on My Kitchen Rules.

It turns out Manu Feildel doesn’t get along with Irish chef, Colin Fassnidge. The pair disliked each other even before they appeared on the popular cooking contest together.

Their dislike for each other has been lingering for a while, with Manu admitting that it only ended when the Irish restauranteur was hired by Channel 7 to join him on the judging panel of the show.

“Colin and I didn’t start off well a few years ago, before we worked together. There was some controversy,” Manu told

They're best mates now. Image via My Kitchen Rules Facebook.

Colin is well known for his battles with other chefs, and his feisty personality. So it  not surprising that the Irish chef was the one who caused the feud to begin with.


He had a go at Manu in an interview with The Daily Telegraph, where he took a swipe at the MKR co-host regarding his appearance on Dancing With The Stars. He also dug the claws in deep when he spoke about Manu's future (or lack there of) in the restaurant industry.

With their other co-star and good pal Pete Evans. Image via My Kitchen Rules Facebook.

Colin said he would only appear on the show on his own terms because he didn't want to be made to, "wear a clown suit and dance around a studio." It seemed like an attack on Manu.

Colin denied it was a swipe at him telling the publication, "F%*k, I'd be kicked off in the first week." But he then continued to say that Manu had changed careers, that he wouldn't go back in to the kitchen and that was fine because he'd make a lot of money from what he's doing on TV.

Ouch. But that is now water under the bridge.

Since working as a team on MKR the duo have become friends, and have put their snarky past behind them. Manu has been the bigger man and accepted Colin as a good co-host for the show.

“When I got told he was going to join the team (last year) I was a bit like ‘whoa’ ... then I just said to myself ‘maybe it’s a sign, what the heck, we’re going to work together, let’s make the best of it’," he told

Ultimately the men made friends over some beers, and have had some solid drinking nights since - so now they're good mates.

Would you forgive so easily if it were you?

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