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FLUFF: My Kitchen Rules best friends are actually surprise lesbians.

The blonde best friends from My Kitchen Rules have just revealed that they’re actually married. And they kept it a secret the whole time they were on the show.

Carly and Tresne entered the show in the third round of ‘gatecrashers’. They became instant favourites for their lovely, affectionate friendship.

They were portrayed as best friends on the show who were always incredibly supportive of each other’s questionable menu choices.

For this reason, their recent revelation to New Idea that they were slightly more than best friends is shocking but on reflection slightly expected.

They were married in an intimate commitment ceremony in 2012 and chose not to come out about their relationship as they didn’t want to be judged on their “sexual preference”.

Whether you’re a fan of MKR or not, this news is pretty cute for everyone involved.

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