Good news for this former MKR couple.

We’re so happy for them.

Love has boiled over in the My Kitchen Rules kitchen (well it boiled over from last year).

Two of our favourite couples from the 2014 show have officially tied the knot – and they have one big sparkly rock to show off to everyone.

It's so pretty. Image via @danielle_najda Instagram.

The image was captioned, "Finally get to share some of our own engagement pics."

Danielle Najda and Josh Geard didn't win MKR last year, but they are definitely winning in life right now. Danielle took to social media to announce the couple's engagement yesterday.

The duo are both 27 years old and Danielle shared a series of photos showing the couple's new engagement glow.

So loved up and happy. Naaw. Image via @danielle_najda Instagram.

The happy couple originally shared their engagement through New Idea magazine, but now are loving them posting some of their own happy snaps for friends, family (and the entire world) on social media - so we can all goo and gaa over the sparkle.

So happy. Image vie @danielle_najda Instagram.

And then to wrap it up this image captioned, "Last one, I promise."

Just SO happy. Image via @danielle_najda Instagram.

We'll probably just keep checking out the ring and the smiles for a while.

Congratulations to you both - we're so happy.

What's the happiest moment you've documented on social media recently?

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