Hey Julia? It turns out that they were listening…

@ Former PM Julia Gillard


Hey Julia? It turns out that they were listening…

For all the crap that the media gave you about Labor not properly communicating it’s message to the public – there was one group of people who head you – loud and clear.

Young women and girls.

Young women and girls were paying attention when you made your now famous, misogyny speech in parliament.

They were listening, they thought ‘yes, that’s happened to me to’. You gave them the power to stand up and say “this is unfair, I’m being treated badly”.

And here’s the proof…..

The country’s largest Youth Survey, conducted annually by Mission Australia, ranks issues of most importance to teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19.

The new 2013 results have just been revealed and for the first time ever, young Australian women ranked gender equity and discrimination as the top issue facing the country. The top issue. Above job security, cost of living, body image. The TOP issue for the very first time was gender equity and discrimination.

We think the fact young women feel confident enough to say that they fear gender discrimination, is a significant development in the way equality is discussed today.  Finally an issue that has been hidden in shadows and ignored as ‘already dealt with’ is being out back on the table. And girls are feeling brave enough to say it.

Julia, we have you to thank for that.

These results show that young women have been following the debate and making up their own minds. They are telling us, that they won’t put up with the discrimination that has become normalised in our parliament and in the media. We have to change. They are telling us that they heard your message.

So, Julia. Sit back. Relax. You deserve it.

We salute you and so do the next generation of women.

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