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The missing ingredient of most family holidays is...

Jo Abi believes being connected is the key to an enjoyable holiday

I’ve just discovered what the missing ingredient of most family holidays is. It’s crucial to your enjoyment as a parent, as a tired person and as a human being who would like just five minute of PEACE AND QUIET. (Breathe…)

Okay, so, the missing ingredient of most family holidays is…pre-paid mobile Wi-Fi.

Mobile Wi-Fi is the key to your happiness this summer. I promise you.

It will transform every holiday experience from road trips to visits to relatives to beach holidays. And no alarming phone bills will be awaiting you. Your children can use portable devices to their heart’s content and it’s all pre-paid for. Life really is too easy these days, isn’t it?

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by Telstra. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words.

We are a family of tech heads so in preparation for this week’s road trip we had to charge a variety of phones, pads and pods. We also bought car chargers because god forbid they run out of charge and have to sit there doing NOTHING. Our next problem quickly became internet access.

We fell victim to an accidentally horrifically high phone bill following a road trip last year. Telstra pre-paid mobile Wi-Fi has ensured this will never happen again! To set it up all I had to do was open up the package and head to I entered the SIM serial number (although there are a few ways to activate it) and immediately received an email letting me know the activation was underway. Then, less than the four hours they warned me it could take, I was ACTIVATED.

Looks good, doesn’t it?

Into the car we went. It was a heavenly road trip. Yes, sometimes, I’m sad the kids don’t play the games I used to play in the car like counting colours or playing hide and seek but technology has made family holidays easier. We arrived at our destination in a completely relaxed state and proceeded to have the most pleasant summer holiday (mini-break really) of our lives.

As we went on our adventures we managed to upload our photos on Facebook, Instagram and every other social media site we frequent so as not to miss out on sharing a moment of our brilliant adventure. Then, each evening once they were fast asleep we were able to get a bit of work done, download a book or a TV show and sit back, listening to night sounds.

Once our summer holiday is over, we will make good use of our Telstra pre-paid mobile Wi-Fi every time we take a trip, visit a park, even when I just want to head to a local park and do some work amongst nature. No, it’s not ideal that the only way many of us get time to head to a park or a beach after summer is if we bring some work with us but, hey, it’s better than nothing.

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