Celeb News: Is Miranda Kerr in the market for a new undies campaign?

Professional Underwear Wearer Miranda Kerr has replaced her Victoria’s Secret lingerie with Calvin Klein briefs. She posted this cheeky photo on Instagram last night and we feel like she might be hinting that it’s time for a new undies-related contract…

We know this is real serious news because she had nearly 40,000 likes in 30 minutes. And every news outlet around the world has reported on it. Because beautiful people’s underwear decision = important.

Michelle Bridges says go forth and Botox yourselves

Biggest Loser trainer / Whatever The Female Version Of Adonis Is, Michelle Bridges, has come out in support of plastic surgery.

She reckons including Botox in your beauty regime is fine, as long as it pumps up your self-esteem too. “I am a fan of anything that makes a person feel good about themselves and more confident”.

It’s the first time the 43-year-old fitness guru has spoken out about Botox and we suspect some of her slimmer-than-ever disciples might object.

Awkward Celebrity Photos: Lindsay Lohan, Joan Rivers, Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey, Sarah Jessica Parker

Jimmy Fallon (American comedian that some women find secretly extremely sexy) is the new host of The Tonight Show.

Fr his very first show last night, he called in favours from as many mega-famous friends as he possibly could.

Naturally, Kim Kardashian documented the experience with a backstage photo or two:

And here they are, making everyone laugh laugh laugh:

The Modern Family cast are finally here in Oz

Sofia Vergara – awake

Sofia Vergara is here, everyone. Australia just got approximately 5 times sexier as a continent.

Thanks, Vergara. Nice bosom-ing.

Everyone’s so excited about the arrival of the hilarious actors but let’s be honest mainly it’s about Sofia Vergara.

What’s she doing? What’s she wearing? What crazy celebrity antics will she get up to? What will she say?



She’s sleeping.

Sofia Vergara is spending her highly anticipated trip to Australia napping off some jet lag.

Lucky her co-stars were around to make a hilarious photo-bomb series….

Stupid man makes “period underpants” for women

There’s a businessman existing in the actual real world who thinks it’s really important women have special lady underwear for their special lady parts during their special lady times.

Yes, a very male man has created “period panties” to serve as an urgent warning to any man in the, ah, vicinity.

They’re basically the absolute worst. SEE?

The idiot guy who designed these claims they are created to give a virtual ‘high five’ to women and ‘serve as a gentle reminder to others’ that we are in fact on our period.

He also said this, which we feel kind – of – maybe – makes the pants a less desirable purchase:

“[My girlfriend] was really tired of rejecting her totally awesome boyfriend’s advances during her time of the month.

“Well, he didn’t know that she was on her period, and she didn’t feel like explaining it every time. Obviously, the best solution was to create a pair of underwear that explained now really isn’t a good time.”


Bad news for people who enjoy graffiti on their jeans

Ksubi, cult designer store formerly known as Tsubi, will be closing all of its six Aussie stores. It has also stopped trading on the website, which has a message on it saying “we’ll be back soon.” Major sob.

The brand, which came to our streets in 2000, has been loved and endorsed by the likes of Miranda Kerr and Nicole Richie.

Ksubi has fought a good fight for the last year since the brand went into receivership in 2013, even getting Chanel Iman to swing by their offices to promote clothing when she was in the country.

Brittany Murphy: ‘high levels’ of rat poison in body at time of death

Four years after her untimely death aged 32,  Brittany Murphy’s hair samples have confirmed that she had ‘high levels’ of rat poison in her system at the time of her death.

The blonde Clueless actress, who died in 2009 of pneumonia, according to the LA Coroner at the time, had ‘unusually high’ levels of barium and sulphur in her system. These two ingredients are prominent in rat poison.

Her father, Angelo Bertolotti, 87, has continually fought for the justice of his daughter, claiming in 2013 that Brittany was poisoned by the government because she supported a Department of Homeland Security whistle-blower.

Mr Bertolotti stated: “They’ve confirmed and even expanded the list of toxic heavy metals found in Brittany’s hair. I have no doubt that my daughter was poisoned.” Murphy’s mother continues to deny allegations that her daughter was murdered.

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