Miranda Kerr 'gets naked' on the Paris Fashion Week runway.

1. Miranda Kerr ‘gets naked’ on the Paris Fashion Week runway.

Aussie model Miranda Kerr has walked down the runway in Stella McCartney’s Paris Fashion Week show but it’s not the clothes that are grabbing the headlines this morning. It’s the culmination of Kerr showing a bit of skin while the soundtrack featuring the words ‘Lets Get Naked.’

Of her collection, McCartney said: “It’s interesting right now to come back to the body. When you saw the flesh it was in a subtle way. So it was understated in a sense, sensual.”

If you clicked here to see Miranda Kerr in some form of nudity, the 30-year-old has obliged by uploading a semi-topless pic from her upcoming shoot for ID magazine to Instagram. She captioned the image, “Gone bananas with @id_magazine @chaosfashiondotcom.”

2. Natalie Portman has confessed she “didn’t think mums worked”. Click here to read why motherhood changed her mind.

3. This is what Miss Universe Australia will wear for the costume round.

We reported on the competition to dress this year’s Miss Universe Australia, Olivia Wells, last week and now the winner has been announced.

Drumroll please…

It’s this ocean inspired creation from Designer Jason Chetcuti. For what it’s worth, we had our money on the Wattle inspired creation.

4. Close friends of the late Princess of Wales are outraged that a poster for the ‘Diana’ biopic has been displayed at Paris traffic tunnel where she died. Click here for the shocking details.

5. Kate Moss releases a song.

Don’t get too excited, Moss doesn’t sing on the track. The 39-year old model’s voice is sampled repeatedly saying “I think thigh-high boots are especially sexy and glamorous, especially if you do wear them with a short skirt.”

Take a listen:


6. The finale of Breaking Bad screened last night – and star Aaron Paul chose to celebrate by eating “meth donuts” in a cemetery (as you do). Click here for photos and more details.

7. Alec Baldwin joins wife Hilaria for yoga video.

Actor Alec Baldwin is mostly known for speaking his mind, whether it be through expletive laden tweets or lashing out at paparazzi. So when a video started circulating showing a calm and serene (though maybe slightly bored) version of Alec assisting in his wife Hilaria’s prenatal yoga video, it provided a WTF moment for many.

In the video Alec dutifully helps his pregnant wife with some of her stretches, while staring blankly into the distance, and offering a somewhat awkward reply to his wife’s ‘Thank you honey!’ While he may not be a natural yogi, it’s certainly a different side to the abrasive actor that is not usually displayed.


Perhaps with a few more yoga classes under his belt, we may see Alec approaching life (and the paparazzi) in a much more Zen way (though we probably won’t hold our breath).

8. What do you need to get you through your Tuesday? Why, 25 mesmerising GIFs of Robert Pattinson, of course! Click here, stat.


5. Mark Darcy is dead? Nooooo!

Fans of the Bridget Jones books brace yourselves –(AND AGAIN, SPOILER ALERT) Mark Darcy has been killed off in the third book of the series, Mad About The Boy, written by Helen Fielding.

An extract of the latest Bridget Jones’s saga was published in a UK newspaper upsetting fans who reacted similarly to when Patrick was killed in the Offspring season finale.

In The Edge of Reason, Darcy proposes to Jones and in the beginning of Mad About The Boy we learn that the couple did marry and have two children, before tradgey strikes leaving Jones’ as a 51-year-old widow.

UK Fans took to Twitter mourn the death of the popular character.

Anne Robinson tweeted: “Mark Darcy is dead. Bridget Jones is a widow!! This is all too much for a lazy Sunday morning.”

Fiona Ufton said: “Noooo! Not Mark Darcy!” and Laura Nicholson wrote: “Mr Darcy is dead… How traumatic for Bridget Jones fans.”

How Mr Darcy meets his end hasn’t been revealed, his death will appear in a flashback deep into the book, which is released on October 10.

10. Rachael Finch shares the first photo of baby Violet. 

Rachael Finch has shared the first photo of her baby daughter on Instagram.

The 25-year-old captioned the photo of Violet Rachael Miziner and proud dad Michael, “Memories last forever. #truelove @michaelmiziner our new family in @NewIdeamagazine.”