Miranda's family are happily reunited after one scary week.

The message is loud and clear – Miranda Kerr’s family are back together. And HAPPY, people.

Miranda Kerr’s rare visit back to Australia couldn’t have been better timed. 

Her mum, Therese, spent last week in hospital with an irregular heartbeat, but was happily released in time to spend time with her daughter and grandson on Sydney Harbour on Saturday.

Both Miranda and Therese posted photos to Instagram to show the family bonding moment which included 3 year old Flynn. Miranda and Flynn has spent the last 2 weeks in Sydney for business and family time before they head back to New York later this month.

Via @theresekerr Instagram

Miranda was unable to visit her mum in hospital because she flew to China for work, but arranged a day on the harbour with her family as a treat for when her mum was released. The Instagram shots had a clear message to the world that Miranda and her family are tighter than ever despite her family's very public plea for Miranda to come home.

On a side note, Miranda Kerr has revealed she is indeed on excellent terms with James Packer (who were rumoured to be romantically involved and then denied by Miranda's team). Miranda admitted to checking in on Packer following the now-famous Bondi brawl.

"We've spoken. Yeah of course. We're friends," Kerr told the Sun Herald.

Such good friends that Packer's personal assistant was photographed leaving Kerr's rented Woollahra home last week with copies of her self-help book in his arms.

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