BUMPER FLUFF: Miley Cyrus responds to Sinead O'Connor's open letter.




Prince Harry is here. We repeat, Prince Harry is here.

And no, we don’t mean Harry Styles (although One Direction are here too, if you’re into that sort of thing.)

The fourth in line to the throne has been attending the Naval Fleet Review in Sydney, as part of the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the Australian Navy. This marks the Prince’s first official visit to Australia, after taking a gap year here in 2003.

If you’re unable to stalk Captain Wales (which is – fun fact – the Prince’s official naval title) across Sydney, never fear. Just spend your weekend looking through our Prince Harry gall-arry:

New pictures of North West.

The second-ever (yeah, get excited) picture of North West has been released. Mum, Kim Kardashian, posted the adorable snap on Instagram:

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the kid’s definitely got her eyes.

And here’s all the fluff you missed this week…

1. Yes, Miley Cyrus is still making headlines. 

This week, Miley has tweeted some questionable things at Sinead O’Connor (who she has also cited as an artistic influence in the wrecking ball clip). Sinead wrote an open letter to Miley, which you can read in full here. Miley responded like this, because CLASSY.


But, hey, maybe this is all part of some type of ‘strategic hot mess,’ which according to the trailer for MTV’s documentary on her VMA performance ‘Miley: The Movement’ could explain a lot of her recent publicity. Quote: “You’re always going to make people talk. You might as well make them talk for like two weeks, rather than two seconds.”

2. When your mum is Beyonce and your dad’s Jay-Z, there’s going to be some great music playing around the house. So which of her parents’ music does Blue Ivy like best? Click here to find out. 

3. Why was Miranda Kerr late to Paris Fashion week?

Because she had a “stupid driver.” Miranda arrived unfashionably late to a show after reportedly being dropped off at the wrong show by a less than adequate driver. You can watch the TMZ footage here.

Yeah, it’s the worst being personally chafeurred around Paris to look at all the pretty clothes.

Check out our gallery of Mirand Kerr at Paris fashion week. 


4. Jennifer Lawrence has an awesome message for anyone planning to suggest she lose weight. Click here to read her comeback. 

5. Bridget Jones’ third instalment makes fans mad

SPOILER ALERT. Sorry, not sorry, if you really cared you would have read the book by now.

Mark Darcy has been killed off in the latest Helen Fielding instalment, Mad about the boy. Fans turned to Twitter to express their grief.

Anne Robinson tweeted: “Mark Darcy is dead. Bridget Jones is a widow!! This is all too much for a lazy Sunday morning.”

Fiona Ufton said: “Noooo! Not Mark Darcy!” and Laura Nicholson wrote: “Mr Darcy is dead… How traumatic for Bridget Jones fans.”
How Mr Darcy meets his end hasn’t been revealed, his death will appear in a flashback deep into the book, which is released on October 10.

She’s the 16-year-old Kiwi who’s made history by topping the US Billboard charts. So what happened when Lorde bumped into Rebel Wilson? Click here to see a photo of the moment two of our favourite Southern Hemisphere exports met.

7. Another award ceremony, another gallery of gorgeous gowns.

The Dally M is the NRL equivalent of the Brownlow. Cooper Cronk was the winner. Aaand that’s basically the extent on our knowledge on that subject.

And now… the frocks! #fashun #fun #faketan

8. Daryl Hannah has opened up about the reality of living with autism in Hollywood. Click here to read her revelations.


9. Hugh Jackman cements his status as nicest guy in Hollywood.

It isn’t every day you are recognised by a celebrity, normally it’s the other way round. But this time, Hugh Jackman recognised an interviewer on the red carpet of the Zurich Film Awards from his time as a P.E teaching assistant. ‘Rollo’ was understandably a little flustered when the star started talking about his recollections of teaching at the school, in particular how much he hated “Students who don’t really listen, the kind of students who don’t bring their kit and the kind of students who don’t jump in the pool when I tell them too.” Hmm, seems like he remembers you quite well Rollo…

10. “Sorry guys – after you’ve seen a penis for a while, you kind of lose interest.” Which Hollywood actress is non-plussed about starring opposite naked male co-stars? Click here to find out. 

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