The 21-year-old Melbourne women behind Miley's outrageous look.


“We are so stoked about this opportunity.”

Emma Crupi and Leyla Raif are 21-year-old friends living in Eltham, in Melbourne’s leafy Northern Suburbs.

Leyla is an aspiring fashion designer and Emma is an artist. The pair work from home, in their lounge room, creating original and stunning pieces.

Progress shot of Leylas wall.. I promise I’ll finish it soon girl ????????

A photo posted by Emma Crupi Art (@emmacrupiart) on Dec 1, 2015 at 2:37am PST

 And eight weeks ago, it all got a lot more exciting. “Leyla was contacted by Miley Cyrus‘ manager,” Emma told Mamamia “after they found her Instagram page that showcases some of her designs.”


“[They] asked her if she could create an original outfit for Miley to wear on her current USA tour,” Emma told us.

An out-of-the-blue request from the management of one of the world’s biggest singers? Just casually.

“They asked that it had an original painting on the outfit, which is where I came into the picture.” Emma was tasked with creating an original design to adorn the We Can’t Stop singer’s costume.


So the girls got to work, creating a vibrant, unique and original piece fit for a pop-star (with a taste for the technicolour).

But weeks past, and they never heard back from Team Miley. “We had given up hope,” Emma told Mamamia. That is, until today, when casually scrolling through Instagram they spotted their own design.

“We noticed that photos of Miley dancing around at her show in our outfit were all over the internet!” said Emma.

Miley rocked the design on Saturday 6th December, at her gig in Philadelphia, USA.

“We are so stoked about this opportunity as we are only two 21-year-old girls from a small suburb north of Melbourne, who have small businesses selling their designs.”

Yeah, selling them to superstars! Congratulations Emma and Leyla.

You can follow them on Instagram:

Emma Crupi: @emmacrupiart
Leyla Raif: @soulanzee


You can see Miley perform ‘Dooo It!’ live in Philadelphia in Emma and Leyla’s design here: