Mila Kunis puts a ring on it. Motherhood, that is.

Mila Kunis has put a ring on it.

On maternity, that is.

The new mum has designed a gold-and-emerald maternity ring worth $5450.

That’s about 2700 nappies, but it’s okay. It’s for a really good cause.

No wonder Mila and Ashton look so damn happy. A new baby AND good karma?

Mila, 31, is the brand ambassador for luxury supplier of ethically sourced precious stones, Gemfields. She has collaborated with jewellery designer Marina B to create the ring to ‘celebrate motherhood’, as described on the Gemfields’ Instagram account.

“Carrying a child and bringing new life into the world marks the start of an incredible journey. Throughout history, every culture has its own way of recognizing this extraordinary event, often with a gift for mother or child.”


All proceeds from the $5450 rings will be donated to the Gemfields Nkana Health Center in Zambia, supporting new mothers in the area, and upgrading the clinic to include a maternity unit.

“Precious green emeralds are traditionally symbols of motherhood, wisdom and long-lasting love. But they are also a symbol for hope in many cultures, and so the proceeds from this collection of Motherhood Rings will benefit the opening of Gemfields Nkana Health Centre, where four new wards have been built — a major undertaking that will have long-lasting benefits to the local community.”

Mila and husband Ashton Kutcher, 36, welcomed baby daughter Wyatt Isabelle only three weeks ago.

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