This make-up artist has 2 million YouTube followers. This is why.

When you put your make-up on in the morning – assuming you wear any – it’s just you and the mirror.

Michelle Phan’s life is a little different. When SHE puts on her makeup, it’s in front of an audience of millions.

The American make-up artist who started posting how-to videos of herself on Youtube in 2006 has turned it into a lucrative business. She was recently in Australia thanks to a deal with multi-national cosmetics company Lancome and thousands of people queued to meet her. Her videos are among the most popular on Youtube and have turned her into a celebrity in her own right.

Michelle Phan can transform herself into almost anyone, just by using the basic make-up tools most women wear daily. The way she transforms her face using the tricks of lighting and shade is nothing short of freaking amazing.

Take a look at how she turns into Lady Gaga:

And Belle from Beauty & the Beast:

What’s your best make-up trick?