FLUFF: This is what Michelle Bridges eats on date night.

Considering they probably have more muscle tone in their toes than many people have in their entire bodies, you’d be forgiven for assuming Michelle Bridges and Steve “Commando” Willis spend their time together doing bicep curls while lovingly feeding one another kale chips.

Or, perhaps, practising complex yoga poses with green smoothies balanced on their heads.

But no – when it comes to date night, it turns out Australia’s fittest couple is just like us. We had our suspicions.

Speaking exclusively to The Fix, Michelle revealed she and Steve indulged in a good ol’ movie-and-junk food session the night before they sashayed down the Logies red carpet on Sunday.

“We watched a movie and I ate lollies and [Steve] ate chocolates!” the 43-year-old health/fitness queen revealed. “It happens! You heard it!”

See? Just like us. Only we’re sure these guys have a better grasp on the whole “self-control” and “everything in moderation” thing than we do in the presence of sweetie-goodness.

They also, ah, completed a military drill earlier in the day, so there’s that.

“We did that workout in the morning, we went and caught up with a mate, then we had dinner and watched a movie,” Commando Steve told The Fix.

The Biggest Loser co-stars, who began dating last year, attended the Logies the following night, looking simultaneously amazing and totally smitten with one another. Michelle, who channelled an ice princess in a sparkly white Paolo Sebastian dress, told Who magazine that “every night is date night” for the couple. Ahhhhh, love.

Later in the night, they were confronted with a huge dessert platter, which Michelle posted on Instagram. “Yes or no? #thiscouldhurt”, she asked.

Mish, you may be all-knowing when it comes to fitness and eating well but we know a good cake platter when we see one. And the answer to your question is: Just. Say. Yes.