Michelle Bridges gives details about her new relationship with the Commando.

Michelle Bridges ‘tells all’ in Who magazine, on stands today.

1. The Biggest Loser’s Michelle Bridges has revealed in an exclusive interview with Who magazine (on stands today) that she is in fact in a relationship with fellow Loser trainer ‘Commando’ (Steve Willis).

Talking about her Who tell-all with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Michelle said “We have always been great mates, always. He’s a great guy.”

That was a little too coy for Kyle however, who got straight to the point and asked: “Yeah. When did the sex start?”

“There’s been none of that!” Michelle answered through laughter. “We haven’t even been on a date yet! How can I when I’ve got ten paparazzi parked out the front of my house?”

Jackie O then jumped in with a slightly more polite approach: “But, you guys are dating?” To which Michelle answered “Well, I guess you could kind of say that.”

Listen to the full audio below:

Bridges and the Commando have kept quiet about any relationship rumours, particularly since the Commando’s partner and the mother of his two children, Froso, gave an interview to Woman’s Day last week about the relationship she labelled as ‘an affair’.

2. One of Barack Obama’s ex-classmates has shared his prom photo and it’s a classic! Click to check it out.

3. This celeb couple just spent $26.5 million on a new pad. As you do.

That’s one helluva mortgage, but on an annual salary of $45 million, it’s a fairly safe bet Ellen Degeneres can afford it.

Ellen and her wife, Aussie Portia de Rossi, were reportedly fed up with the celebrity tour buses that would frequently stop outside their home, so decided to look for something a little more private (and for 45 million bucks, it better be).

Check out the pics in our celeb homes gallery below:

4. Eva Longoria has been keeping a VERY low profile since Desperate Housewives ended last year. And the reason why will amaze you.

5. Nobody panic, but a Psy impersonator has INFILTRATED THE CANNES FILM FESTIVAL.

And everyone fell for it.


Some random man (who does actully look a lot like Psy) managed to walk th red carpet and party with the stars for two days before anyone figured out what was happening. Recent James Bond actress Naomie Harris even excitedly tweeted a selfie of the two after she ‘met’ the Korean popstar at an A-List party (for Chopard, no less):

Naomie Harris with ‘Psy’.

The actual Psy looks like this:

The actual Psy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the imposter “was spotted all over town, attending festival parties and events and posing for photos with festgoers and other celebrities.”

The actual Gangnam Style singer thought the whole thing was pretty hilarious, tweeting this this when he found out:

Check out some other pics from Cannes here:

6. Guess which singer has joined Oprah Winfrey in the celebrity billionaire’s club? Click here for details.

7. Got a spare $44 million? You could have bought this painting:

Got a spare $20? You could probably make it.

This… simple piece sold at auction a few days ago for 43.8 MILLION DOLLARS.

Do you think the New York artist, Barnett Newman, who died in 1970, would ever have dreamed this some blue paint with a white line would fetch that much? He probably did actually, because it’s art and only artists understand art because ART.

Do you think $43.8 million was a fair price?

8. From the “Stars they’re just like us” files … Beyonce has shared her holiday happy snaps on Tumblr. Check ’em out here.


9. Um… looks like someone likes their vitamins. Really likes them.

Katy Perry tweeted this picture yesterday:


The bags say ‘Upon Rising’, ‘Breakfast’ and ‘Dinner’. At first glance, it looks like she’s a crazy person who takes 300 (massive-looking btw) vitamins a day. But if you squint in a little closer, you can see individual little baggies inside the big bags, so she actually only takes about 50 vitamins a day. Well, that’s totally normal then.