Her final interview: Paula Yates talks about Michael Hutchence's death. "It wasn't suicide."

It’s been said that this was the interview that changed the course of Michael Hutchence’s life. And ultimately ended it.

If you watched the INXS biopic last night, you will have seen a brief reenactment of it.

Here’s the real deal – the first interview between Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates.

Just a few years after it took place, they would both be dead, leaving their daughter Tiger Lily an orphan and the lives of their friends and family in chaos.

After his tragic 1997 death, Paula Yates also gave this intimate multi-part interview – with a tiny Tiger Lily in tow.

In the first part below, Yates denies his death was suicide.

Asked by the interviewer (at 4:02) whether Michael had ever discussed suicide with her, she replies: “Oh god no, Michael thought suicide was the most awful thing in the whole world, the most cowardly act, the most… just a cop out for a man with a family to think about deliberately dying. He would have just thought that was awful.”

… And here’s INXS playing “Never Tear Us Apart” live in 1991.

 Were you watching INXS: Never Tear Us Apart last night?