Guy who told menstruating women to "control ur bladder" cops a blow from his girlfriend.

A week after his anti-tampon Twitter tirade telling women to simply “control ur bladder”, Ryan Williams claims he has been dumped by his mortified girlfriend.

Last week, 19-year-old Williams took to Twitter to express his frustration with women who dared to suggest an end to the ‘tampon tax‘ writing, “Tampons should not be free, why does everyone keep saying they should be?? if u can’t control ur bladder then that’s not taxpayers problem!”

Yep, that is an adult male who thinks women menstruate from their bladder.

“Pay for ur own tampons if u can’t hold it until u get to a toilet,” the self-described ‘meninist’ continued. “I don’t urinate everywhere and expect free nappies#selfcontrol.” 

But before you get the wrong idea, Williams doesn’t think condoms should be free either. So, you know, there’s that.

But the highlight of the just plain stupid rant was this gem:

Williams, it seems, actually got something right. His girlfriend, 19-year-old Clare Kennedy is, in fact, not crazy. She was apparently mortified by his lack of knowledge of female anatomy and put an end to their 15-month relationship.

“My girlfriend dumped me after her friends sent her pictures of my tweets,’ Williams says to The Sun.

“She was crying when she saw some of the abuse I was getting.

“She was upset that I came out as a meninist and her family was upset that she was being associated with me.

“She is worried people will think she is weird.”

In an effort to try and win Clare back and “get some of the hate to stop”, Williams says he went to a biology course at college, but in what I’m pretty sure is a desperate attempt to milk his 15-minutes of fame, Williams says the instructors attempts to explain female anatomy did little to educate him.


“I pretended she helped a lot, had her take some photos of me and then left as fast as I could,” he says.

“It was a complete waste of time.”

So for now, Williams will continue to pretend (he has to be, no one is this stupid) to be the mens’ rights activist women around the world love to hate.

“My depression has been hard to cope with especially with the online abuse now, though I try to ignore it as I know that what I’m saying is helping promote a good message and educate women and young girls,” he says.

Ryan Williams is probably trolling the world. Image via Instagram/@ryanwilliams97

“I completely understand that there’s something called a uterus and that it’s not stuck with the bladder but is obviously connected to the muscles which are connected to the bladder and uterus so it all comes out the same hole regardless. I think women should learn to clench their muscles.

“Not only are tampons a luxury item they are also ruining the planet and wildlife.

“They should be taxed and taxed again if feminists are going to keep being incontinent.”

In my opinion, Williams is 100 per cent an internet troll, trying to stir up the ire of women around the world. I think he made his first comment, thought the outraged response was funny and doubled down to milk the story for whatever it's worth.

But that being said, he is starting an important conversation about womens health, access to menstrual products. So you know what Ryan Williams, I will continue to write about you and your antics until the tampon tax no longer exists. If it takes your bullshit to get people talking about how ridiculous it is that tampons and sanitary napkins are sales taxed as if they were not a basic necessity, then so be it.