NEWS: Meningitis vaccinations compulsory for kids to be ‘fully immunised’.

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Derryn Hinch

2. Former talkback radio host Derryn Hinch has been charged with breaking police suppression orders, through comments he made on his blog, about Adrian Bayley – Jill Meagher’s killer. Hinch is alleged to have also made similar comments on social media. In a statement on his blog, Hinch wrote: “I fervently believe I am not guilty of contempt of court and will contest the  case when it comes up in the Supreme Court on July 16.” 3. Independent MP Rob Oakeshott has announced he will not recontest his NSW seat at the September 14 election. Oakeshott – one of the independents who helped Labor form government in 2010 – said he wants to spend more time with his family. “I have done everything I said I was going to do and done the best I can,” he told the media. Meanwhile, Independent MP Tony Windsor has also announced he won’t contest the next election. Addressing the media this morning, Mr Windsor thanked the people in his seat of New England and said he wanted to spend more time with family. “I’ve really enjoyed this parliament but I don’t want to love it to death,” he said. Mr Windsor has also said he would not support the Labor Government under Kevin Rudd’s leadership, and would likely switch his crucial vote to Tony Abbott. This has been countered however by another Independent MP Bob Katter confirming that he would lend his vote to support a Rudd Government. 4. A UK woman who was convicted of murdering her two-year-old son has horrified friends and family – as well as anyone with an internet connection – after a video depicting her celebrating her partner’s lottery win was posted online. Rebecca Shuttleworth was on bail when the video was filmed. The footage was taken only a few months after her son’s death. 5. In Question Time yesterday, Wayne Swan accused Tony Abbott of being “drunk” while missing a crucial vote on the Government’s stimulus package in the House of Representatives in 2009. Mr Swan said, “”The Leader of the Opposition slept right through the critical vote, he was drunk, and didn’t come into the house – he slept right through that vote.”

Bernard Tomic

6. Fairfax has reported that supermarket chain Coles has denied that they are paying Bangladeshi factory owners so little that they cannot operate within health and safety guidelines. It has been further reported that Coles would be ceasing operation in Bangladesh in “the next few weeks”. 7. Bernard Tomic has advanced to the second round of Wimbledon after defeating American San Querry 7-6(6), 7-6(3), 3-6, 2-6, 6-3. But the win has been overshadowed by the absence of Tomic’s father John, who was banned from attending tournaments after he allegedly hit Tomic’s training partner in Spain. Speaking after the match, Tomic said: “It would be amazing to have my dad here watching me as a coach and a father.”