Melissa George is rocking one hell of a diamond ring on her finger and WOWZERS.

Australian actress Melissa George has been spotted wearing a sizeable (seemingly) diamond ring on her ‘ring finger’ (on her left hand) and it’s pretty impressive.

George, 41, attended Paris Fashion Week, and arrived looking effortlessly chic in a sharply-tailored blue patterned suit, glowing face, flowing hair, and a sparkly rock on her finger.

George at Paris Fashion Week. Source: Getty.
George at Paris Fashion Week. Source: Getty.

It is unclear whether George is currently involved in a romantic relationship, or whether the ring is an engagement one, (despite it being on the traditional 'ring finger').

In May this year, George posted a now deleted Instagram of her Parisian apartment, which she had painstakingly renovated after moving into it a year ago, following her separation from her partner Jean-David Blanc.

The mother to Raphael, four, and Solal, two, has been open with the media about the tumultuous breakdown of her relationship with their father. In March 2017, George shared her story of escaping alleged domestic violence on Sunday Night, saying “things couldn’t be worse”.

She said that in September 2016, Blanc attacked her in their home, leaving her with serious injuries. While a judge found both parties guilty of assault, both are appealing the ruling. Since their split, the couple has been sharing custody of their boys.

George at Paris Fashion Week. Source: Getty.