Melania Trump's split second action towards Donald Trump has the whole world talking.

There are lots of busy, very important people in the world.

Then there are those who spend hours upon hours dissecting US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania’s every moment together, looking for signs of trouble.

To be honest, they never have to search too hard for examples: if she’s not liking a tweet about her ‘doomed’ marriage, she’s nudging her husband to look more patriotic in public.

Now, another clip proving that Donald and Melania’s relationship might not be all it seems has gone viral.


On the second stop of the President and First Lady’s eight-day tour to five countries in the Middle East, Melania was spotted ‘swatting away’ her husband’s hand when he went to reach for hers as they touched down in Israel.

The clip, which has promptly gone viral on Twitter, shows Donald reaching his arm behind him to take his wife’s hand.

But she is having none of it and appears to slap it away.

Some are speculating that Donald only reached for Melania’s hand after noticing the couple beside him were engaging in a little PDA.

Others say his hand gesture is less “walk hand in hand with me” and more “hurry up, you are walking too slow”.

Either way, it’s safe to say that in that split-second moment, we would have done the exact same thing as Melania.



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