Megan Gale's little boy is sick, and she's taken the alternative path to treat him.

Not everyone agrees.

It’s always a tough time when your little tyke falls sick. And right now, Megan Gale’s poor little bub River has come down with a nasty old cold.

But not everyone agrees with the way his famous mother is treating his illness.

The model mum posted the below photo of her almost 10-month-old son to her Instagram account, with the caption “Little man all congested and blocked up with a cold.. Clearing out the sinuses in a salt therapy session at @saltsoftheearth”.

Megan Gale is using salt therapy to treat her son's cold. (Via Instagram).

Salt therapy is based on the idea that salt is a natural anti-inflammatory because of its ability to draw fluid. Treatments involve administering salt deep into the body's airways in non-invasive ways to help relieve symptoms of any respiratory problems.

According to Salts of the Earth, the treatment centre Megan is using to help her son, patients sit in a room designed to mimic a "salt cave" where a machine grinds up pharmaceutical grade salt into particles so tiny they become airborne and disperse throughout the room.

The salt lands on their skin and patients also inhale these salt particles into their respiratory systems. It is claimed the salt draws out the inflammation and breaks up the mucus that is then coughed up, effectively cleaning your lungs.

The centre's website recommends consistent treatment plans to cure the congestion and claims their salt therapy treatments have no side effects, are non-invasive and work in conjunction with prescribed medication.

Here's how other people have responded to Megan's choice of therapy:

What do you think about Megan Gale using salt therapy on her child?

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