Megan Gale reveals her biggest fear as a parent.

As she returns to work after maternity leave, Megan explains what she’s most worried about.

Did your world completely turn upside down when you returned to work after your maternity leave?

Well Megan Gale is going through that, as she eases herself back into work after giving birth to her son River, 6-months.

Megan Gale. (Image via Instagram)

Megan explained that her biggest concern about being a working mum is missing her son’s milestone moments while she is away working.

Megan told The Daily Telegraph, “It is a real juggling act. He [River] is always 100 per cent my priority. Every mum is different but I’m still in that mode where if I am away from him, I can focus on work but my mind is still wanting to get back to my son.

''He’s teething at the moment, he’s got two bottom teeth which is completely cute and they get very unsettled when they teeth so I want to be around him when he is going through all of those things and he is just rapidly changing, not just physically but his personality," Megan added.

Megan and her partner Shaun Hampson. (Image via Instagram)

On River’s big milestone, Megan said, “I don’t want to miss anything, this is when it is all starting to happen. He’ll start crawling soon and sitting up and doing all of those things and I would hate to not be around for the first time he does all of that. I don’t want to cut off my career but it is time now to put him first and still be able to maintain that balance.”

Megan and her son River. (Image via Instagram)

But becoming a mum has certainly opened new doors for Megan, who may be looking to expand her women’s swimwear brand, Isola, into children’s swimwear.

Megan explained, “There’s things I’m working on and bubbling away at but I can say it is definitely something that has not escaped my attention and is something that I would love to do.”

“There is a lot of things that I’m kind of getting opportunities to do at the moment which kind of come up when you do have a child so I think it is about being selective. I am making some key decisions about that all at the moment,” Megan revealed.

Megan Gale. (Image via Instagram)

But that might all of course, depend on whether Megan and her partner, Shaun Hampson, intend to add to their party of three.

When asked if she had any plans to fall pregnant again, Megan said. “If you had of asked me eight weeks after giving birth, I would have said I don’t know if I can do it again because it is the hardest thing that I’ve ever done in my entire life but I think there is a moment where you realise it is such an amazing experience that you do want to do it again.

Megan and Shaun. (Image via Instagram)

"I loved being pregnant. The pregnancy I could do again, the birth no problem, it is when you first get them home and when they are really young that’s the hard part so yeah, I would like to go again but I don’t know how many," Megan went on to say.

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