FLUFF: Megan Gale's baby nursery looks good enough to nap in.

Megan Gale is in the process of making a genetically blessed human baby. And the girl is prepared.

With the Baby Countdown set to 4 weeks, the 38-year-old supermodel goddess has just shared some pretty adorable photos of the nursery she’s getting ready for the baby’s arrival. She’s got a flat-out teddy bear, she’s got a nappy-changing station, she’s got it all going on.

She and her partner Shaun Hampson, 26, have basically said to their child: “Come to me, babe, we’ve got all your organic baby products lined up in a row.”

Megan added this to the photos: ‘Ready to change that first nappy at home! #bringiton.”

If you look closely, you’ll spot baby products from Ecostore Australia, Wotnot Naturals and Milk and Co – Michael and Lindy Klim’s lifestyle collection.

Plus this sweet zoo animal-themed basket that could suit a boy or a girl…

And the cuddliest little flat-out bear in all the land…

Megan’s officially on maternity leave now, having taken some time off from her very many model-y jobs and the constant task of being professionally beautiful. She’s due in mid-May so she’s now dedicating all her time to becoming mama-ready.

While pregnant, she did have time to pop by the Marie Claire photographic studios for this Demi Moore-inspired naked photo shoot

Her last professional engagement was to host pint-sized superstar Eva Longoria when she visited Australia recently. The L’Oreal ambassadors cuddled and compared heights, as you can see here…

We can’t wait to see the baby photos when beautiful Megan gives birth in May. The countdown is on and the nappies are ready.

In the meantime, here are some other very famous babies…

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