Meet the world's richest 5-year-old (she's an Aussie!)

Mary Palmer is no ordinary five-year-old. The daughter of billionaire business man and politician Clive Palmer is already one of the richest five-year-old’s in the world.

Any chance she’ll grow up normal?

Well, let’s see…

Clive and wife Anna Palmer are mega-rich and already, little Mary Palmer has an impressive property portfolio worth million including properties on the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

She also spends her life travelling the globe with her parents. “She gets up excited every morning … the first question is, ‘where are we going today, Mum?'” her mother toldThe Australian last year.

Aside from visiting their lavish homes in Queensland, Beijing and Perth, the family also have private jets on tap for Clive’s numerous business trips.

The Palmer’s wealth is made up of all the usual suspects – property, shares, boats, off-shore accounts. He also holds director positions at 86 companies. He is the owner of Mineralogy and owns iron ore, nickel and coal holdings. In January 2013 Forbes magazine estimated his net worth at approximately $895 million.

Oh, and he’s building a replica of the Titanic, set to begin construction in China in 2016.

The only reason we get to trawl though every single one of his financial holdings and that of his sweet little girl is because when someone enters politics, their wealth becomes a matter of public record. It's proving a fascinating read.

However Mary isn't the only trust-fund-baby in the Palmer family. Palmer has two children form his first marriage to Susan Palmer, who died from cancer in 2005.  He has a son and a daughter named Michael and Emily. Also second wife Anna is pregnant with their second child and is due around Christmas 2013.

Despite his wealth and business success, Palmer has stated he's ready to walk away from the business world and become a full-time politician. There is no denying his love of Australia, his love of family and his passion for change.

Image credit: ABC Australian Story and supplied

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