Superior mummy. The most accurate portrayal of passive aggressive parenting ever.


“I’m not saying I’m a better mother than you; I’m just saying you’re a worse mother than I am.” – Superior mummy.

And therein lies the key to passive aggressive parenting. It’s also the Twitter bio for Superior Mummy, a hilarious account you should follow now even if you don’t kids or a certain twinkle in your eye.

With gems like, “I’m finding it hard to deal with the calls from child care centres wanting me to send my children there. How does anyone ever choose?” and “Being a Mother is not always easy. It took me two nights after their birth to get my kids to sleep through,”  the sarcastic tone is bound to make you laugh off any parenting one-upmanship you’ve been victim to.

Take a look through the gallery of funny tweets and if you’re on Twitter, make sure you click right HERE to start following @SuperiorMummy:

Editor’s note: This post is not sponsored. We just thought the Twitter account was awesome.